Portfolio Additions

10 November 2014

New content has been added to several portfolio pages. The additions come as I continue to make production edits in an attempt to produce an updated print version. I have added recent Propaganda produced in 2012 for Cr/eat/e Catering and the Dining Studio.

In the past several months I have drawn, created and produced several new typefaces with the iFontMaker iPad app. The new digital type families uses the pressure sensitive drawing options unique to the iPad touch screen, greatly influencing the unique design of each letterform. Each typeface is a work in progress, offering beta versions for immediate project usage. Each typeface has a limited character set and offers no glyph support. I have attempted to add a full uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and limited punctuation. Four new families include: Bodega ƒ, Barrio ƒ, Bruntsfield Links ƒ, and Stockbridge ƒ.

I have also added a new publication and book design. I Am Not Famous And I Have Nothing To Offer You is a book generated and created at the Open Book Workshop I participated in the summer of 2012, offered by Eastern Michigan University. I Am Not Famous… presents several studio photographs of the cover and interior pages and the entire interior page designs.

Lastly several added projects were added to Design Education. I have chosen to include several poster designs, and identity/seal, created as a member of the International Studies Committee at UW–Stout. I recently wrote a full update to the Something From Nothing: Design Sprints workshop and included examples of the process and artwork generated by past UW–Stout design students. Lastly, I have formally added the project description and samples for the Graphic Design One Design Culture Now poster project.