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Cr/eat/e Catering and The Dining Studio

Propaganda – 2012

Modern Postcard
Panoramic — Triple Deluxe
6″ x 8″
6″ x 24″ Flat Size
For all of the intended content, this format was perfect for mailing or handing out medium format brochure with a powerful inside panorama. The content was identified and edited into both the interior and exterior formats.
Project Description:
Marketing and PR print collateral intended to inform catering clients of the mission, services, and achievements of the robustly successful catering company in Minneapolis. The capabilities brochure announced the services and functions of Cr/eat/e Catering & the Dining Studio; and introduce the newly formed Craft Cocktail Beverage Program, and Gemini Farm. Brochure includes catering services, catering menu sample, and food and cocktail recipes.


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